Sharing beer across the pond.

It's an exciting time for craft beer. North America has done creative things with the beers of Europe and we love the idea of the New World sharing these beers with the Old.
We focus on American markets we know well for export to Europe, in particular - Berlin.

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About us

We're craft beer people and love everything about craft beer. We're introducing the old world to new world beers.
We have been homebrewing and enjoying the craft beer culture for years. Mass produced beer is just not our thing and
we believe most people would agree, but just don't have the access to quality craft beer since for decades large scale breweries
have pushed out the local brewers that originally created the beers which got people interested in beer in the first place.

Exporting from US markets
We work with US brewers to help them understand how their brand fits into the European craft beer scene and the best way of getting their beer into the right places.
Importing to Europe
We work with local craft beer bars and shops in Germany to offer guidance on what US craft beers could work best for their customers. Since we love supporting the local craft beer scene ourselves, we are glad to help get these beers too.
Getting ahold of this beer!
Well, there is no specific place on a regular basis get the beer we import, but you could ask us and we'll just tell you. This is because bars and shops go through their supply at different rates than what we ship, or wish to change up their rotation. We're fine with this, that happens.

Beer cities we know and love

Well there are a lot of great beer cities and regions out there, we wish we could see them all and have access to all their awesome beers, but the world is just too big and last we checked no one is giving away free airfare. So we focus on the cities we know well and have the connections to support us, but as we grow, we'll go to more places. Here are a few great cities we're getting beer from now or selling beer in.

Feel free to contact us

If you have a suggestion for a beer you'd like to see us support, or if you're a beer buyer in
Berlin looking for beers from the US, or if you just have a comment to share, please fill out the form
below and let us know. We're happy to hear any feedback.